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    How do I apply for a Bayport loan?
    Who is eligible for a Bayport loan?
    What is the maximum amount of money I can get?
    How soon can I receive my loan after the loan application has been submitted?
    Can I take more money if my current loan is not yet paid off?
    How do I pay back my loan?
    If my loan has been paid off, how is the monthly deduction stopped?
    How do I get my refund if the deduction is not stopped on time?
    How are your loans priced?
    Do you buy off other loans?
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Karibu Bayport Uganda

“Tukwanirizza”, “Eyalama aanyun”, “Wapwoyo bino”, “Twakwakiira”

Bayport Financial Services Uganda specialises in providing cash loans to salaried government employees and is a leading non-deposit credit provider in Uganda.

Bayport Uganda started operating in 2004 and has helped many customers successfully access loans for school fees, farming, small businesses and much more. The loans range from 1 to 60 months, with easy monthly loan repayment through salary deductions at source.

In addition to Bayport’s loan offering, our customers will benefit from Bayport’s Eduction Protection Policy. Designed for our customers in Uganda, the Bayport Education Protection Policy is a unique insurance offering, which covers all forms of education, from pre-school to university as well as colleges and short courses.